customer stories

jay’s 3d printing classroom
jay started his 3d printing lectures in 2012. as the first full time 3d printing expert in taiwan, he combined his interests with his own profession, and turned his teaching center into a studio to promote 3d printing technology. jay has more than ten years of teaching experience. xiao xuan, who was also a teacher, [...]
sydney researcher 3d prints for hypersonic aircraft testing

tamas bykerk is a graduate student at the university of sydney in australia. he is working on a ph.d. in aerospace engineering, supervised by dr. dries verstraete. they are part of the hexafly-international project where they partner with the european space agency (esa) and italian aerospace research centre (cira) evaluating the feasibility of commercial hypersonic […]

using tiertime up box+ 3d printer for cluster gears prototyping

3d printing was not new to liang weixiong. “the first time i worked with a 3d printer was about 2016. it was a project related to smart lock technology, which somehow got me involved with 3d printing. we designed a gearbox, and used a 3d printer to print a shell.” liang, ceo of new he […]

award-winning california stem teacher relies on tiertime
chris van meter is enjoying a distinguished career at ceres high school in ceres, california. a military veteran with a physics degree, he is certified to teach math, chemistry, physics, and manufacturing. he is also the driving force behind the school’s manufacturing, production and green technology (mpgt) academy. the academy is one of 409 california partnership [...]
tiertime helps create gulliver’s gate

an exciting event is taking place in times square, new york city. gulliver’s gate is a small-scale exhibit of locations from around the world, including latin america, the middle east, new york city and asia. the joint venture of an international team from across the globe, the display allows visitors to view lands and lost […]

sichuan university introduces 3d printing class
sichuan university is one of the key national universities directly under the ministry of education in china. it is also one of the "985" and "211" engineering colleges. it is where masters with strong scientific research backgrounds gather together to innovate and create. with the support of the world bank loan project, sichuan university engineering [...]