up studio software downloads-

systems requirements

operating systems: 
windows 7 (sp1) or higher (32 bit and 64 bit)
mac os 10.10

hardware requirements:
opengl 2.0
at least 4gb of ram

latest release

up studio version

release date: 18/09/2018; second revision: 08/10/2018

what’s new? 
new features for all the models of the tiertime 3d printers:
  1. enhanced the workflow for material profile manager (mpm). now, you do not need to restart the up studio after making changes in the mpm.
  2. added a feature for build plate auto-heating: after clicking print or send (in the tsk mode) button, the printer will start heating up the build plate automatically. if the print job does not start in 5 minutes, the heating process will stop.
  3. updated the digital signature.
  4. various performance optimization
  5. minor bug fixes.

warning: all the previous material settings in up studio 2.4 or earlier will be erased after this update.

发布日期:18/09/2018; 第二修正版:08/10/2018


  1. 材料管理:添加或编辑自定义材料后不需要重启up studio软件,即可生效。
  2. 一点击打印或传输tsk就开始加热底板,若正常开始打印,正常加热,若无法正常打印,5分钟后停止。
  3. 更新了电子签名文件


advanced windows beta

up studio beta version

release date: 07/08/2018

what’s new? 
new features for all the models of the tiertime 3d printers.
major release for material profile manager
  1. users can define and manage material profile for 3rd party filaments. up studio opened up more parameters for 3rd party filaments to fine-tune the printing process.
  2. new “fmd” file format to define the material profile.
  3. notes:
    after finish defining the new material profile, users need to restart the up studio to ensure the new profiles are enabled in the software.
  4. notes:
    the customized materials defined using previous software versions will be obsolete. users need to follow the new process to define the material profile in the material profile manager.

warning: all of the previous material settings will be erased after this update.



  1. 材料管理功能:更全面的编辑自定义材料打印设置。
  2. 使用方法: 在“材料编辑”设置完毕后,关闭“材料编辑窗口”,重启“up studio”,前往“维护”,点击“材料”,最后选中新增“材料”类型。