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we just released the up studio 2.5 with material profile manager to support better tuning for 3rd party filament. in this week’s tertime’s vlog, we would like to show how mpm works. we will use up box+ to print a model provided by tap models. tap models is a company based australia providing 3d architectural [...]

3d printing was not new to liang weixiong. “the first time i worked with a 3d printer was about 2016. it was a project related to smart lock technology, which somehow got me involved with 3d printing. we designed a gearbox, and used a 3d printer to print a shell.” liang, ceo of new he […]

pla extruder enhanced cooling. best for low temperature filaments, e. g. pla. abs extruder general extruder with fan duct switch. capable of printing high temperature filaments, e. g. abs tpu extruder better feeding less jamming. best to work with flexible materials, e. g. tpu size of fan block a bigger fan block provides extra air [...]